Friday, January 9, 2009

i guess it begins somewhere.

i'm listening to ray lamontagne and thinking about transition.

pivotal is a word that resonates.

i've recently said farewell to two incredibly important ladies in my life.
two who have taught me about compassion, friendship, love, generosity, acceptance, whiskey and many other things.

i'm not exactly sad. a little, yes. feeling longing and missing and all those other things that come with physical distance between people.

a little uncertain about how such an intimate friendship translates over so many miles.

mostly, just pensive. taking it all in. exploring the space.

i talked about starting this blog as a way for those two to check in with their portland family and see what all we've been up to.

i have a feeling it will be more about my personal journey.

though i imagine i won't be able to deny my girls a steady stream of gossip and dance party pictures.

i'll try to keep it clean. ;)

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